Welcome to the Prediction League of Ebbsfleet United for the 2014/2015 Vanarama Conference South season.

This automated version of the prediction league is back for its eigth season after previously being run manually through forum postings, with the original format and rules deriving from user FleetFanatic.

Despite the vast amount of changes at the club over this period the league has remained a constant and will continue to do so until people get bored!

The league is still an identical format to previous seasons, rules can be found below, with this version untouched from last season.

It's still the long term aim to branch out the prediction league to other clubs and create a prediction league network, but until work and time restraints allow (and while I'm still following the Fleet here there and everywhere!) this is on the back burner.

I hope you enjoy playing for another season - and as always if you've got any questions or queries please feel free to get in touch using the contact details at the bottom of the page.


Hall of fame

2008/09 - BSBP (14th)
2009/10 - BSBP (22nd)
2010/11 - BSBS (3rd)
2011/12 - BSBP (14th)
2012/13 - BSBP (23rd)
2013/14 - SS (4th)

As it stands

Pos User Pts
1 jcgnfc 161
2 HelenS 144
3 Fleetscott31 142
4 thephantomsheep 141
=5 Hannah 133
=5 pr201994 133
8 Fleetandy 129
9 JohnL 128
10 Brendon 126



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The aim

To accumulate as many points as possible over the course of an Ebbsfleet United season. This is done by predicting on different attributes of each first team game played over this duration. All competitions are included except friendlies and Kent Senior Cup games.


For each game, you predict on three constants:

  1. The score at the end of full time, including extra time where necessary
  2. Ebbsfleet United's first goal scorer, if any
  3. The amount of attendees

Points are awarded as follows:

  1. 2 points if you picked the correct team to win, or you correctly predicted a draw
  2. 1 point for correctly predicting the amount of goals scored by a team, with an extra 1 point awarded if you got both and correctly predicted the exact score
  3. 2 points for correctly predicting Ebbsfleet United's first goal scorer, or you predicted there would not be one
  4. 3 points for guessing the attendance within 10, 2 points if between 11 and 50, and 1 point if you were between 51 and 100 away

Failure to predict

After failing to predict for four games in a row you will receive an email reminding you to do so. If you then fail to predict for the next two games your account will be deleted.

The winner

The prediction league is just for fun, with the winner earning the eternal appreciation of their fellow fans and psychics alike :)


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